A Well-structured Approach To Pursuing Your Objectives

We believe that a sound, definable and repeatable process is the most essential element in providing investment advisory, consulting and management services. This is not only important from an investment return standpoint, but also from the standpoint of acting in our clients' best interest. We have such processes for serving both institutional and individual clients.


We customize our approach for each institution we serve. Our focus stems from our belief and experience that no two institutional clients are exactly alike in their needs, objectives and circumstances. We begin by helping you define the objectives, goals and parameters through the development of an investment policy statement.

This statement is the foundation for how an investment program is expected to operate, providing clear risk and return objectives, performance evaluation standards, and any portfolio constraints that must be considered. We believe proper development and review of the policy are keys to the success of an investment strategy.

We apply objective quantitative and qualitative screening of thousands of investment managers and funds to find the most appropriate investments to meet your participants’ needs, and follow up with ongoing due diligence on all plan menu investment options.

We employ an extensive program that scrutinizes investment returns, asset allocation and expenses to help ensure that all aspects of your plan are performing according to design.


  • We make investment recommendations for the board’s approval.
  • We prepare a watch list of investments for clients to review.
  • We notify vendors of any changes so they can replace or delete investments on their platform, then let participants know when any changes are made.
  • We conduct educational meetings for plan participants and quarterly investment reviews for plan sponsors.
  • Gary Handler can provide investment advisory services as an ERISA fiduciary in a 3(21) capacity, as set forth in, and subject to applicable agreements.