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Captains of industry shoulder an elevated degree of responsibility, necessitating confidence they will receive the highest level of prudent care. The precise financial disciplines we offer – private wealth management, corporate retirement plan management and investment consulting – helps corporations, foundations, endowments and nonprofits with every decision they make regarding their investment stewardship obligations while fulfilling their mission. It’s a comprehensive arrangement for those who require a more interwoven and tailored approach.


Insightful financial and fiduciary guidance* for those entrusted with managing significant assets, giving them the confidence of knowing their responsibilities are being well tended to with the highest degree of care.

*As set forth in and subject to, applicable agreements.

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Private wealth management intricately focused on the careful management and preservation of generational wealth, elevated to a bespoke level of personal attention.

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A Partnership of industry professionals committed to a fiduciary standard

Lisa Detanna
Lisa A. Detanna, AIF®, MBA, WMS Private Wealth Advisor Managing Director
Gary Handler
Gary Handler, AIF®, C(k)P®, MBA, QPFC Managing Director Senior Vice President, Investments Senior Institutional Consultant

Recognition of distinction

Each accolade, from prestigious industry awards to recognition honors, stands as testament to the astute financial acumen and noteworthy service we are equipped to bestow.

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